About the Firm

The Law Office of Bill Kloos, PC, is a three-person firm specializing in most aspects of Oregon land use law.  Its principal, Bill Kloos, has practiced in this field since his arrival in Oregon in 1981.  Bill’s background, prior to attending law school, was as an urban planner in Honolulu, Hawaii.  During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Bill practiced with Allen Johnson, as the firm Johnson & Kloos.  Beginning in 1995 the firm became Johnson, Kloos & Sherton.  Bill opened his own office in 1999.

We work primarily with people who are involved in obtaining land use permits in Oregon.  We represent clients throughout the land use approval process, from submitting applications at the local level through appeals to Oregon’s appellate courts.  A smaller portion of our work includes participating in the drafting and enacting of local land use regulations and the periodic review process of local codes and comprehensive plans.

The Law Office

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